Our Landscape & Yard Maintenance Services

Landscape Design

Our 20 plus years of experience allows us to provide attractive residential and commercial landscapes designed to thrive in the local Central Valley climate.  We design waterfall and ground cover landscapes as well as lawn and borders.

Landscape Maintenance

Our specialty is yard care and groundskeeping to ensure the beauty of your lawn and border/garden beds.  Mowing, edging, fertilizing, aeration, trimming and weeding services are available throughout the year for all seasons.

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Exterior Beautification


Our Landscape Services

At Tropical Landscape, we have the experience and know-how to take care of any type of yard or grounds.  We will do one time treatments or regular lawn care and maintenance.

If you have a problem with your yard, call us to come and give a free onsite evaluation of the problem and a solution to ultimately bring your property’s exterior appearance to its best!

Our services include grass mowing, edging, weeding, fertilizing, aerating, raking, trimming hedges and shrubs, light trimming of trees, planting as well as providing ground cover materials such as barks, decorative rocks, soil, or gravels.

One-time Landscape Services



Call us for a free onsite visitation to see your property and work with you to plan and design a new landscape.

We will prepare the ground, provide any necessary materials such as soil, gravel, decorative rock, mulch or bark, sod, and other plants and trees.

Our resources provide the best quality plants suited for the local climate.  Our experience and knowledge is shared with you in order to create a beautiful exterior of your residential or commercial property.


Irrigation Installation

Tropical Landscape will install the irrigation system and set up the sprinkler heads and drip systems needed to water all plants and lawn areas.  We will set up the timers and automatic sprinkling system to water the appropriate amount required for every area of your property without wasting water.

In these days of water conservation, we are conscientious about setting the watering system for exactly what is needed to maintain the health of your yard and property.


Yard Clean Up Service

Has your yard gotten out of control?  Call us and we will clean up your yard from corner to corner to bring your outdoor areas back to a groomed and beautiful yard.

Our yard cleaning tasks include mowing, edging, hedge and shrub trimming, leaf raking, mulching, weed control, minor tree trimming, green waste disposal and more.

We refresh decorative bark, ground cover, or flowers to spruce up the original garden and border beds.


Fall/Spring Yard Services

When autumn arrives and trees shed their leaves, we do leaf removal and clean-up.  Leaves left on the ground can suffocate your lawn, so call us and we will clean it up. We will do seasonal lawn aeration, seeding and fertilization before winter starts. 

In spring, your lawn will be ready to begin its growth into a lush green yard.  We will apply pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer.  Pull emerging weeds, refresh any ground cover if necessary, and plant new flowers if needed.

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Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization gives grass the nutrients it needs to be healthy and beautiful.  It plays a crucial role in making a lawn look green and lush season after season.  Healthy grass has better water absorption, less weeds surrounding it that competes for natural nutrients, and is able to protect itself from insects and other pests.

At Tropical Landscape, we are educated in the proper fertilization needs of lawns.  It is based on the area and climate in which you live and the type of grass you have.  Environmental and weather conditions, insects, diseases, and inconsistent moisture levels can affect the nutrient needs of your lawn.

Proper fertilization results in:

  • Greener color
  • Higher density
  • Lower surrounding temperature
  • Resistance to weather fluctuations
  • Rapid recovery from damage

We know the correct amount of fertilizer to apply and when to apply it to avoid lawn burn and to maximize its growth and health.  When your lawn looks like it needs help, call Tropical Landscape!

Weed Control

Weeds must be combatted at every turn.  They are a common challenge to even the best gardeners and landscapers.  Seeds of weeds are transported by wind, animals, soil, lawn and garden equipment, and even in some poor quality grass seed.

Seeds can remain dormant for years, so even when you get to the point of thinking that your lawn is finally free of weeds, they can germinate and begin to grow.  Identifying common weeds and knowing how to successfully get rid of them is the best weapon in fighting weed invasion.

There are several methods for weed control.  First, weeds can be manually removed by hand or with garden tools.  This is the most environmentally friendly way to control weeks.  Keep in mind that it is much easier to do this after a good rainfall or watering, and that pulling at the base to lift out as much of the root as possible as soon as the weed appears has the best results.

Second, herbicides provide weed control and prevention. However, there are many types of herbicides.  There are systemic and non-systemic, selective and non-selective, and pre-emergent and post-emergent types.  Call Tropical Landscape if you have a weed problem!

Lawn Aeration

When a lawn’s soil becomes too compacted for the roots of the grass to grow 5-6 inches deep, aeration is needed to improve the life, growth and appearance of the lawn.  Aeration is basically poking holes in regular intervals into the lawn to provide air, space and nutrients to the roots.

Spike aerators poke holes with a fork while plug aerators remove a small section of grass or soil from the lawn.  Plug aerators give better results.

Once it has been determined that aeration is needed, we ensure that the soil is moist.  The day after a rain, or watering the day before, is the most effective time to aerate.  We mark the location of  sprinkler heads, irrigation or septic lines, or other buried utilities if needed to prevent damage when aerating.

Aeration needs to be done only in the areas where the grass shows that compaction has affected it.  A goal of 20 to 40 holes per square foot is recommended in those areas.

The soil plugs created by the aeration machine is left to decompose as they contain microorganisms that is good for your lawn.  They are broken up by a lawn mover or by raking.

It is good to fertilize and seed immediatly following aerating.  We also water the lawn a few extra times, especially in dry or hot weather.

Lawn Seeding

As all plants have a life cycle, so does grass.  At times, your lawn might start looking a little sparse.  This is when it may benefit to spead some grass seed.  Most lawns will need seed applications every year or so to maintain its lovely green and thick appearance.

Tropical Landscape knows how to prepare bald or bare patches for a seed application.  Seed matching the rest of the grass already planted needs to be applied.  The soil and light conditions are matched with the types of grass planted.  For example, a grass that grows well in shady areas should be seeded in shady areas.

An overseeding treatment, which is an even distribution of new grass seed spread on top of the existing lawn, may be needed in areas where the existing grass cover is thin.

Matching the same type of seed to the existing lawn will give the best result as different seeds may have a slightly different color or blade width, etc. and may not look as even and consistent as it could.

If using a grass seed spreading tool, we are cautious not to get the grass seed into the bordering beds as we do not want grass to grow where it should not!

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